Zuiun-In Shrine(瑞雲院)

When you search for “Zuiun-In Temple”, you will see many of “Zuiun-In Temple”‘s name.

I introduce Zuiun-In Temple at Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City.

①History of Zuiun-In temple

How to get to Zuiun-Ji Temple

When you take a train, you need to transfer to the bus. And there are few transfer buses. So I recommend taking a bus that you can arrive nearby Zuinu-Ji Temple.

When going to Zuiun-Ji Temple by train

JR Kyoto station ➡JR Nijyoeki-mae station➡ 【Transfer】Kyoto city bus(No.46)➡Senbon Kamidachiuri Bus stop➡About 2minutes on foot.

Total about 20 minuets / Cost 420yen (Child:210 yen)

No.46 : Kamigamo -jinja Shrine

When going to Zuiun-Ji Temple by tbus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:A3) ➡ Senbon Imadegawa bus stop➡ about 5minuets on foot.

・No.6: Bukkyo Univ .(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 35 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

There aren’t many bus on this root.

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:B2) ➡ Senbon Imadegawa bus stop➡ about 5minuets on foot.

・No.50: Ritsumeikan University .(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 40 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

③JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:D2) ➡Senbon Kamidachiuri  bus stop➡ about 1minuets on foot.

・No.206: Gion Via Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto City bus)

Total about 35 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Zuiun-Ji Temple

①History of Zuiun-In Temple

There is a grave in the grounds Kobayakawa Hideaki and a blood ceiling that converts floor materials from Fushimi Castle into building materials in the main hall. The main statue of Amnida Nyorai is called “Chigo Nyorai” becouse of its innocent expression. There is a mysterious story in the statue. In 957 to 961, the elder couple had a 3 years old boy. One autumn dusk, the boy suddenly disappeared his parents were pessimistic. A monk who listened to the background shaped Amida Nyorai statue. And the monk said that if you pray to this statue every day, you will be able to see the child again. 9 years later,the boy was found and he could back to his parent. The parent built a temple with gratitude. And they worshiped Amida Nyorai statue.

unfortunately, you can’t go inside….

My recommendation



Zuiun-In Shrine Entrance fee

Entrance fee

Free ※Please note that it is not open to the public.

Opining hour

It is not open to the public.



There are some small temple around Zuiun-Ji Temple.  If you walk a little futher, you will find itano Tenmangu Shrien and Kenkun Jinja Shrine. You can stroll through temples with highlights such as Kinkakuji Temple if you walk 20minutes and Hirano jinja Shrine if you walk for 15minutes!


  1. Nonomiya Jinja Shrine(野宮神社)

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