Shonen-Ji Temple(Cat dera)(称念寺/猫寺)

There are many temple in Kyoto, one of them is a rare temple called “Neko Dera Temple”.

①History and the reason for calling “Cat Temple”.

How to get to Shonen-Ji Temple

Buses are more convenient than trains, but the road may be  little crowded season of Cherry blossom and Autumn leaves.

When going to Shonen-Ji Temple by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:A3) ➡ Kenryuko-mae bus stop➡ about 8minuets on foot.

・No.206: Kitaoji Bus Terminal Via Daitokuji Temple.(Kyoto City bus)

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:B1) ➡ Horikawa Teranouchi bus stop➡ about 8minuets on foot.

・No.9: Bishigamo Via Nijo-jo Castle.(Kyoto City bus)

Thnogs of the glamour of Shonen-Ji Templ

①Hisotry and the reasons for calling “Cat Temple”

Shounen-Ji temple(Cat Temple) was built by Nobuyoshi Matsudaira. At the time, the temple was flourishing. But when Nobuyoshi Matsudaira passed awasy, Shouen-Ji Temple began to decline rapidly.

〜A story of the reason called “Cat Temple”〜

The third generation Buddhist priest had a cute cat. The temple was decline, he worked as a begging priest to get food. But he never let go of his cat.  One day, the buddhist priest finished bowl and came back to the temple. And he saw a beautiful woman was dancing in the moonlight. On the shoji in main hall, the back of the woman was reflected as a shadow of the cat by moonlight. He noticed that it is his cat’s incarnation and he said that I am tired and struggling so much, you should not dance now!. Then he kicked out the cat. A few days later, the cat disappeared and stood in the buddhist priest’s dream. The cat said that a samurai will visit the temple tomorrow, you entertain the guest, the temple will flourish again. Next day, as the cat prophesied, a samurai visited for a request to bury the dead princess this temple. After that, the temple prospered.

For that reason, Cat Temple has a generous soul of animals.


My recommendation

At the temple, you can buy cute amulets with cat design.

Unattlended sales, so it is recommended not to change.

This amulet is not only for cats, but also for the health and longevity of pets and their family. If you give a gift to your friends who like cats as a souvenir from Kyoto, your friends will be happy!

Entrance fee

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There are some Temple called Cat Temple in Japan. When you search for Cat Temple, please make sure the address!!

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