Shikichi Jinja Shrine (Wara Tenjin Shrine)(敷地神社/わら天神宮)

Wara tenjin is known as as shrine for prayers for childbirth and child-rearing, and many worshipers come from all over Japan. It is the mmost famous shrine for prayers for safe delivery.

①History of Wara Tenjin Shrien

②The charm of unique “Wara Tenjin”

③Another attraction of Wara Tenjin

How to get to Shikichi Jinja Shrine

When going to Wara Tenjin Shrien by train

There is no station nearby Wara Tenjin Shrine, but the nearest would be JR Enmachi station. It takes around 30 minutes on foot.  The route to Wara Tenjin Shrine is very simple and safety.But I don’t recommend walking. 

When going to Wara Tenjin Shrien by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop B2)➡ Wara Tenjin-mae bus stop➡About 2 minutes on foot.

・No.50: Ritumeikan Univ.(Kyoto City bus)

No.101(Exp.): Kinkakuji Temple Via Nijo-jo Castle.(Kyoto City bus)

※No101(Exp.) bus is prepaid. Riding from the front door and from the back door. Please pay the fare when you boarding.

Total about 40〜45 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop B3)➡ Wara Tenjin-mae bus stop➡About 2 minutes on foot.

・No205:Kitaoji BusTerminal Via Kinkaku-ji Temple

Total about 40〜45 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Shikichi Jinja Shrine

①History of Wara Tenjin Shrien

Wara Tenjin is have Konohanasakya-hime as an Enshrined Deity. The benefits you get from Wara Tenjin is considered to be safe delivery, child giving, marriage, and child growth protection. There was a custom that a pregnant woman wishing for a safe delivery brought home a basket knitted with rice straw. Later, it was said that the straw was awarded as a safeguard for safe delivery.  For this reason, the name “Wara Tenjin” is said to have spread.

②The charm of unique “Wara Tenjin”

The amulet you get from Wara Tenjin is famous for its baby’s gender. There is a straw amulet in the paper amulet written “Wara Tenjin”. It is said that if there are verses in this straw, the baby will be a “boy”, if there are no verses the baby will be a “girl”.

Many people dedication a bib as a thank you.

As a Japanese culture, when people pray at a shrine and them wishes come true, they will do “Orei-mairi(a visit to a temple to show gratitude for the completion of the prayer)”. At the time, they will dedicate Ema to express my gratitude. But Wara Tenjin Shrine is a shrine for praying for safe delivery, there are bibbers all over the main shrine that people who have finished giving birth safely have devoted themselves.

It seems that this was not a custom that has been passed down since ancient times, but the bib is written with thankful message to God and a heartwarming message from a family wishing for the healthy growth of child. The joy of becoming a mother and the joy of increasing the number of families just make me smile.

③Another attraction of Wara Tenjin

Profits other than prayer for safe delivery are one of the great attraction of Wara Tenjin Shrine. The benefits are “Luck, Academic improvent”, “Rokusho Myojin” that combines there is enshrined by Wara Tenjin Shrine. Since ancient time, gamblers have prayed to Rokusha Daimyojin and are worshiped as the guardian deities of “winning success, good luck and prosperouse business”.Recently, it is said that there is also a benefit to pray for passing the exam. When entering the precincts, there is a shrine of Wara Tenjin Shrine on the left side and Rokusho Inari Shrine on the right side near the approach. Rokusho Inari Shrine gathers faith as a god who has passed the exam, and many students visit on the entrance exam season.

My recommendation


Ubu-mochi is a Japanese confectionery made with soft rice cakes mixed home made bean paste, sweet red bean and plenty of fragrant Kinako powder. You can have a sepcial seat in  the precincts of Wara Tenjin Shiren on the 9th every month. If you can’t go to Wara Tenjin Shrine that the day, there is a way to get Ubu-mochi. Ubu-mochi is sold at a Japanese confectionery store called “Sasayamorie”. One is 120 yen. You can also find other beautiful and delicious Japanese sweet.





38 Kinugasa tenjin mori cho, Kita ku,Kyoto City(京都市北区衣笠天神森町38)


Shikichi Jinja Shrine’s entrance fee

Entrance fee


Entrance time

8:30am〜 5pm



Wara Tenjin Shrien known as a shrine for prayers for childbirth and child-rearing, and it is a very popular shrine for women and pregnant women, but is also has benefits such as good luck, fulfillment of a wish, victory and prosperity. There is Kinkaku-ji Temple within a 15 minute walk, so it is good to go sightseeing together.


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