“Seimei Jinja Shreine” enshrining the strong Onmyoji, “Abeno Seimei” who existed in Heian Period. Abeno Seimei appears frequently in movies, anime, games, etc. So he is well known to the younger generation.

①Landscape at Seimei Jinja Shrine

②Profit of Seimei Jinja Shrine

How to get to Seimei Jinja Shrine

When going to Seimei Jinja Shrine by train

JR Kyoto station ➡ Kyoto station(Municipal subway/) ➡Imadegawa station ➡About 15 minuets on foot.

Total about 50 minuets / Cost 260yen (Child:130 yen)

When going to Seimei Jinja Shrine by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:) ➡ Ichijyo-modoribashi/ Seimei Jinja-mae(一条戻橋/晴明神社前) bus stop➡ about 1minuets on foot.

・No 9 :Ginkakuji Temple Via Heian-jingu Shrine(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 25 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:B2) ➡Ichijyo-modoribashi/ Seimei Jinja-mae(一条戻橋/晴明神社前) bus stop➡ about 1minuets on foot.

・No.101 : Kinkakuji Temple Via Nijo-jo Castle

No101(Exp.) bus is prepaid. Riding from the front door and from the back door. Please pay the fare when you boarding.

Total about 25 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Seimei Jinja Shrine

①Landscape at Seimei Jinja Shrine


The golden corporate crest “Seimei Kikyo” on the forehead is characteristic. The amount of torii usually includes the namee of the shrine or the name of the god, but “Ichi-no-Torii” has a corporate crest, which is said to be rare nationwide. “Seimei Kikyo” is called “Pentagon(Gobougyo) ” and is one of the prayer spells used for “Onmyodo” that Seimei was created.


The well that Seimei drove out of his mind is this Seimei. It is said that there is a benefit of sickness healing. You can drink the water that springs up. The direction in which the water comes out is directed to the good direction of every year.

〜Statue of Abeno Seimei(安倍晴明公像)〜

This statue was created based on a portrait of Abeno Seimei held by Seimei Jinja Shrine. This statue shows a sign under the garment, looking at the stars in the night sky and observing celestial objects far away.

〜Amulet Peach(魔除け桃)〜

It is peach statue that has been regarded as an amulet and an exorcism fruit since ancient times. Stroking this peach will make it awkward.

②Profit of Seimei Jinja Shrine

Seimei Jinja Shrine is a god of evil prevention, exorcism, and sickness healing. It remains the same as God. This shrine was also famous that Yuzuru Hanyu visited twice.

Abeno Seimei is a doctore of Astronomical Onmyoji and served as an entourage of the sixth emperor.

The reputation of protecting yourself from various disasters, such as worries, and suffering, and healing of illnesses and injuries has been passed down.


Seimei Jinja Shrien Entrance fee

Entrance fee


Entrance time

9:00am〜 6:00pm




The way of thinking of Onmyodo has been deeply involved in Japanese life since the Heian period. Among them, Abeno Seimei who was a great Onmyoji particularly shining.

Seimei Jinja Shrine is a place where amny entertainers and athletes also worship, and people who want to take advantage of their power still worship. It is so famous and powerful place, so don’t forget to use your fortune to fortune-telling and keep your good protection.


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