Mikami Jinja Shrine(御髪神社)

Mikami Jinja shrine scolds God of hair beauty and health, passed qualification test for hairdresser and barbaer.

①Mikami Jinja shrine’s history

②Unique spot!

How to get to Mikami Jinja Shrine

When going to Mikami Jinja shrine by train

JR Kyoto station (No33 plat-home)➡JR Saga Arashiyama station➡About 20minutes on foot.

Total about 30 minuets / Cost 240yen (Child:120 yen)

When going to Mikami Jinja shrine by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:C6) ➡ Nonomiya bus stop➡ about 11 minuets on foot.

・No.28: Daikakuji Temple Via Arashiyama.(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 60 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)


Things of the glamor of Mikami Jinja shrine


①Mikami Jinja shrine history

Mikami Jinja Shrien was built by barber and beauty staff in Kyoto in 1961.This shrine scolds Unemenosuke Masayuki(藤原采女亮政之) who first hairdresser in Japan.He existed in the Kamakura period and was active as a hair stylist for the government.

Many people from a distance visit this shrine. Women who wants to have her hair beauty, passing a hairdresser and barber qualification exam, and men who suffer from thinning hair.

Interestingly, Many hair-related companies and beauty-related companies are visiting.

②Unique spot!

“Kamitsuka” in the precincts will store the hair after dedication.This hair is prayed every day and stored here forever. Every year in spring and autumn, there is also ”Gyososinnhousai(業祖神奉祭)” and “Kami-Kuyo(髪供養)”. On this day, not only general worshipers but also people in the hairdressing anf beauty industry visit, so it is very busy.

Entrance fee

Entrance fee


Entrance time

Free(24hour open)




The only shrine about hair is here in Japan. There is also amulets with a comb and scissors motif. With a quiet appearance, and you’d better experience the mysterious atmosphere.




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