Kinkaku-ji is the one of the world heritages in Japan.

Kinkaku-Ji Temple(金閣寺)

  1. Kinkaku-ji is the one of the world heritages in Japan.
  2. Instagrammable spots in Kyoto.
  3. You can enjoy  landscape every season.


If you ask that “Where should I go to great places in Kyoto?” to Japanese people, all of them will answer “ Kinkaku -ji”. So the temple is the most famous place and attractive place.  


Kinkaku-ji is registered as World heritage since 1994. Actually it’s original name is called “ Rokuon-ji ”.This temple has unique architectural style. Each Floor has a name and was constructed using different traditional structure.   


You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season. Especially in winter, Kinkaku-ji will be covered with snow which makes the temple more beautiful than usual.

How to get there?(from kyoto station)

How to get to Kinkakuji from Kyoto Station by train or bus.


If you go to Kinkaku-ji by train.

JR Kyoto station ➡JR Enmachi station

 (¥190/Adult ¥90/Child   About 10 minutes)

※You can directly go to JR Enmachi station without any transfers.


There is no station nearby Kinkaku-ji, but the nearest would be JR Enmachi station.It takes around 30 minutes on foot.  The route to Kinkaku-ji is very simple and safety.But I don’t recommend walking in summer season, because  Kyoto is very humid and extremely hot…..


 If you go to Kinkaku-ji by bus.

・No.205: Kitaoji Bus Terminal Via Kinkakuji Temple (From B3)

・No.101:Kinkakuji Temple Via Nijyo-jo Castle (From B2)

・No.111(Exp): Kinkakuji Temple via Nijo-jo Castle  (From B2)

(¥230 Adoult ¥120 Child/ About 40〜45minutes)


【Kyoto station bus terminal map】


 I recommend you to take the bus from Kyoto station to Kinkaku-ji. The route is very easy and no transfer. Usually, it takes 40〜45 minutes. But if you take the bus, there is a risk that there is a traffic jam between the road to Kinkaku-ji. Especially, you should make your time schedule carefully  at holiday season. 


Kyoto station bus terminal is a littel complicated.  There are many bus stops to different destination. Please check to see where the bus goes.


If you go to Kinkaku-ji by the subway and bus.


①【Kyoto city subway】  

Kyoto station ➡ Kitaoji station

 (¥260 Adult ¥130 Child /About 13minutes)

※The entrance of subway is different place of JR station.


       ↓ Transfer


②【Kyoto city bus】

Kitaoji bus terminal ➡ Kinkaku-ji michi 




(¥230 Adoult ¥120 Child/ About 10minutes)

・No.204: Kinkakuji Temple

・No.205: Nishioji Shijo Via Kinkakuji Temple 

・No.101(Exp): Nijo-jo Castle Via Kinkakuji Temple

・No.102(Exp): Kitano-tenmangu Shrine Via Kinkakuji Temple


You can take the subway and the bus. You need to switch the subway to the bus, but I think this route is the fastest way.


Things of the glamour of Kinkaku-ji 


①Kinkaku-ji is the one of the world heritages in Japan.

There are 22 of the world heritage in Japan. You can enjoy sightseeing with each season.Kinkaku-ji is the best tourist spot and very popular.  



When the leaves turn red in the fall at Kinkaku-ji, contrast of gold and red are really instagrammable! The perfect season to see autumn leaves is November. 


・Winter (snow)

The best season for visiting Kinkaku-ji is winter! If it is snowing day, you can see different Kinkaku-ji scenery. 


②History of Kinkaku-ji


In 1397, Kinkaku-ji was built as a holiday house by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga (3rd shougun (general) in Muromachi government). 


This was rebuilt two times in 1694 and 1955. First time, this was burnt down by war called “Onin war”. Second time, this was burnt down by arson. The temple you see is the one rebuilt after the arson.  


The second fire accident is very mysterious. The criminal is a apprentice monk at Rokuon-ji (kinkaku-ji). He was disappearance after this arson attack, and he was found just before suicide. According to the criminal confession, jealous of attractive beautiful Kinkaku-ji and he reacted against rich people visiting Kinkaku-ji. 


Kinkaku-ji is made from 3 floors. The second and third floor is covered with gold which is why this temple is called “Kinkaku-ji”. Each floor has a name and was constructed differently using different traditional structure. The first floor is called “Hosui-in” with Shinden-dukuri structure.  The second floor is called “Cho-on-do” with Buke-dukuri structure. The third is called “Kukkyoucho” with Zenshu-butuden-dukuri structure.


Great spot in Kinkaku-ji. 


「Kyokochi (鏡湖池)」

When you hear “Kinkaku-ji”, you will image a gold temple building.  I will tell you that there are 2 Kinkaku-ji building. The meaning is you can see Kinkaku-ji temple reflected on the surface of the wather.


 There will be few people early morning. You should visit at the same time opening.


You can get an amulet as entrance ticket. 


When you pay the entrance fee, you can get This ticket. It’s like Goshuin! ※Goshuin is a red color stamp given at a temple or a shrine as the proof of visit them. 


This ticket is very unique. It will be a special souvenir. 

開運幸福➡Good luck and happiness

家内安全➡For the safety and well-being of the family


Entrance fee

¥400 (Over 15 years old)  ¥300 (Under 15 years old) 


Open hour〜

※There are not light up Kinkaku-ji. You should visit there early in winter season, because sunset time is around 5pm.


Japanese food


Kinugasa Zen (衣笠ぜん)

 OPEN ➡11:30〜16:00  Closed DAY➡ Tuseday , Second Monday


This restaurant serve great Udon and Tempura. There are a lot of Udon’s menu. You can choose hot or cold.  The budget is around 600〜1,000 yen for lunch.



This restaurant has English menu and stuffs who speak in English. The budget is around 2,000〜5,000 yen for lunch.  It’s sound like expensive for lunch, but you can enjoy real Kyoto food.



Article summary



Kinkaku-ji has over 500 years history. There were some sad histories(Onin war, arson),but Kinkaku-ji is loved by all generation. You will watch a gorgeous building “ Shariden” .


There are many cultural highlights on the huge premiuse. ex:  「陸舟の松(Kurishu-no-matsu)」、「夕佳亭(Sekka-tei・Tea room)」Take a leisurely walk! Enjoy Kinkaku-ji !


  1. Giou-Ji Temple(祇王寺)

  2. Shakuzou-Ji Temple(Togenukijizo)(石像寺/釘抜地蔵)

  3. Shikichi Jinja Shrine (Wara Tenjin Shrine)(敷地神社/わら天神宮)

  4. Joudo-In Temple (浄土院)

  5. Tenryu-Ji Temple(天龍寺)

  6. Nison-In Temple(二尊院)

  7. Jizo-In Temple(Tsubaki Dera Temple)(地蔵院/椿寺)

  8. Kinkakuhachiman-gu Shrine (金攫八幡宮)

  9. Shonen-Ji Temple(Cat dera)(称念寺/猫寺)