Injo-Ji Temple(Senbon Enmado)(引接寺/千本ゑんま堂)

Many Japanese children were taught them that if you tell a lie, your tongue will be pulled put by the king of the underworld. SenbonEnmado is a temple that has a scary face of Enma(jadge of the afterlife) on the main hall.

①About “Senbon Enmado”.

②Poem about summer of Senbon Enmado.

③Enmado Kyogen(Enmado )

How to get to Injo-Ji Temple

When you take a train, you need to transfer to the bus. And there are few transfer buses. So I recommend taking a bus that you can arrive nearby Kuginukijizo.

When going to Injo-Ji Temple by train

JR Kyoto station ➡JR Nijyoeki-mae station➡ 【Transfer】Kyoto city bus(No.46)➡KanryuKo-mae Bus stop➡About 2minutes on foot.

Total about 20 minuets / Cost 420yen (Child:210 yen)

No.46 : Kamigamo -jinja Shrine

When going to Injo-Ji Temple by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:A3) ➡ Kanryuko-mae bus stop➡ about 5minuets on foot.

・No.6: Bukkyo Univ .(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 35 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

There aren’t many bus on this root.

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:D2) ➡Kanryuko-mae bus stop➡ about 2minuets on foot.

・No.206: Gion Via Kiyomizu-dera Temple (Kyoto City bus)

Total about 35 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Injo-Ji Temple

①About “Senbon Enmado”.

If you vome to Kyoto, there are several places that are said to be the boundary between the other world and the world. One of them place is “Senbon Enmado”. This temple is very rare because there is a Enma statute and it is worshiped. There is a big Enma statute, this is reproduced during the judgment.

The Enma statute bears the crown of the king’s testimony and he has wide eyes and a face that seems to shout loudly. This scary fighure is said to convey the horroe of hell. It is said to be an expression that makes you feel the suffering of hell. The size of the statue is about 2 meters, the largest in Japan. There is a Shireizon(司令尊) on the right and a Shirokuson(司録尊)on the left. Shireizon is a staff member who tells Enma what people did before life. Shirokuson(司録尊) records the results of the trial.

Unfortunately, the original statute was burned by Onin war in1467.  The current Enma statue was recreated in 1488.

②Poem about summer of Senbon Enmado.

There is custom called Obon in Japan. It is kind of Halloween, but the custom is a little bit different. We call it “Oshoraisan(welcome sporots)”. This custom is the soul of the dead person returning to the world.Retuening to the other world is called “Oshorookuri(see the soul off)”

When Oshoraisan(welcome sporots) at Senbon-Enmado, many people visit and flow Suitouba(Wooden board for recreation) to the Jizo-kuyo pond beside the main hall then attach the bell to welcome the soul of the deceased.


③Enmado Kyogen(Enmado )

There is “Enmado Kyogen” on Setsubun(February 3th every year)and on May 1st- 4th. “Enmado Kyogen” is very popular and it is countes as one of Kyoto’s top three. It has been said that the Enmado-Kyogen was from the Muromachi period. Kyogen usually has no dialogue, but Enmado Kyogen has dialogue. As hope, I’d like to be dealt pamphlet translated to English…

Injo-Ji Temple entrance fee

Entrance fee


Entrance time




You can not take a picture of Enma statute.

Some people feel that they are scared and other feel that are kind when they see Enma statute. Which are you? It depends on your everyday behavior.


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