Hirano Jinja Shrine (平野神社)

①The best cherry blossom spot in Kyoto.

②Hirano Jinja is a shrien where many wishes come true.

③There are many cute and unique amulets

How to get to Hirano from Kyoto Station

I recommend taking a bus or taxi. But the cherry blossom season is very crowded. When you make a time schedule, you should make time enough for moving.

When going to Hirano Jinja by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:B2) ➡ Kinugasako-mae bus stop➡ about 5minuets on foot.

・No.50: Ritumeikan Univ.(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 40 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:B3) ➡ Kinugasako-mae bus stop➡ about 5minuets on foot.

・No.205:Kitaoji Bus Terminal Via Kinkakuji Temple(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 40 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Hirano Jinja

①The best cherry blossom spot in Kyoto.

Hirano Jinja was originally in Nara. In 794,as Heiankyo moved to Kyoto, Hirano jinja was relocated in Kyoto too. Hirano Jinja has deep connection with court, and it is a prestigious company alongside Isa Jingu Shrine and Matsuo Taisha. The main hall called Hirano Dukuri is designated as a national important cultural property. Cherry blossoms have been planted since the Heian period as a symbol to enhance vitality.Many varieties of cherry blossoms are because many Kuge’s wished for prosperity and dedicated the cherry blossoms that became their landmark.

Hirano Jinja Shrine has the famous “Sakigake-sakura”. A cherry blossom in early bloom that originated Hirano Jinja Shrine and is planted in front of the shrine gate. The cherry blossoms bloom from min-March and are in full bloom from late March to early April. It is said that Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) begins in Kyoto whenthe “Sakigake-sakura” at Hirano Jinja Shrine.

You can enjoy Hanami during the day, but you can enjoy  “Yozakura(Cherry blossom viewing by night)” at night too at Hirano JInja Shrien.

Light-up period limited, why din’t you make a plan with reference to it? Walking while watching the beautiful night cherry blossom is very popular.
At Hirano jinja Shrine, Momozakura and Kawazu-Sakura will bloom in eary March,and Sakigake-sakura will bloom from midl of March. You can enjoy cherry blossom until around April 25th.

②Hirano Jinja is a shrien where many wishes come true.

Hirano Jinja Shrien has benefits of strong purification, I recommend this shrine for people who want to be positive and get rid of bad things.  Hirano Jinja Shrine is dedicated to Imakino-Kami, Kudono-Omikami, Furuakino-Omikami, Himeno-Omikami. So it’s also a shrine where you can get the benefits. Specific benefits include: “Improving good luck, praying for safe delivery, healing sickness exterminating, traffic safety. ”

Shussedouin Inari Jinja Shrine(出世導引稲荷神社)

Shussedouin Inari JInja Shrien at Hirano Jinja Shrine is as the name suggests, it has become a power spot that has the benefit of leading to advancement.

③There are many cute and unique amulets

『〜Good luck Cherry blossom〜開運桜』

This is recommended as a souvenir!! Actually “Good luck cherry blossom” is picked cherry blossoms, and float in hot water and drink, it seems to be effective for detoxification and cough.

『〜Aisakura mamori〜合桜守』

This amulet is very cute and you can always carry it. There are two pieces of cherry blossom paper in the envelope.

①Write one wish on the back of the first sheet.

②Paste the second side withe the written side facing inward.

③Wear as amulet

The contents are that only you and God know.

『〜Risu-no-Otsuge (Squirrel’s fortune)〜りすのおつげ』

If you get a fortune at Hirano Jinja Shrine, “Risu-no-Otsuge (Squirrel’s fortune)” is recommended.。

The squirrel doll has a fortune at the tail!! You can take this doll bring as souvenir.


My recommendation!

There is a Cha-ya(Tea house) on the backsid of approach,and enjoy Hanami(cherry blossom viewing) . If you want to enjoy cherry blossoms slowly, I recommend that you make a reservation in advance. Sukiyaki is about 5000 yen to 7000yen per person(seat included), Japanese style Korian BBQ is 6000 yen(seat included).

Hanami cha-ya’s only seat fee is about 2000 yen.

※Opening period of Hanami cha-ya:Around 25th March-20th April

Hirano Jinja Shrien entrance fee

Entrance fee

Free (You can stroll freely in the precincts)

Entrance hour

☆Opening hours: 6:00am – 5:00pm(Nomal time)

Sunset – 10:00pm(Light up period)


☆Light up period:25th March -19th April




Hirano Jinja Shrine is famous for its cherry blossoms.Many people come from all over Japan and the world during the cherry blossom season. If you want to avoid crowds,I recommend you early in the morning. The cherry blossom at night are beautiful and recommended, so please visit Hirano jinja Shrien for enjoying cherry blossom viewing and cherry blossoms at night.


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