Giou-Ji Temple(祇王寺)

①History of Giou-Ji Temple

②You can enjoy the scenery each season

How to get to Giou-Ji Temple

Giou-Ji Temple is a little far from the center of Arashiyama. It takes 25〜35minutes on foot from Arashiyama station. You might think, it is far, but you will see beautiful Kyoto like scenery while you are walking.

One thing to note,  Gion-Ji temple doesn’t have restroom. You should finish the restroom before you go into.

When going to Giou-Ji Temple by train

①JR Kyoto Station ➡ JR Sagamino Line “Sagaarashiyama” Station ➡ About 25 minuets on foot.

Take the “Kameoka bound” or “Sonobe bound” train from platform 32 at Kyoto Station.

Total about 45minute/ Cost 240 yen

When going to Giou-Ji Temple by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:C6) ➡Saga Shougakkou-mae bus stop➡ about 25minuets on foot.

・No 28 :Daikakuji Temple Via Arashiyama(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 65 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

Things of the glamour of Giou-Ji Temple

①History of Giou-Ji Temple


Around 1160year, Giou(祇王) who was loved by Kiyomori Taira lived peacefully. She is a Shirabyoshi(白拍子) dancer. One day, another Shirabyoshi dancer of Hotokegozen(仏御前) visited Kiyomori Taira. He turned him away at the door, but Giou persuaded him gently, and she try Hotokegozen to sing Imayo(今様). Kiyomori Taira heard the Imayo, he had moved his mind to the Hotokegozen. Giou was kicked out of the Kiyomori Taira’s house. She became a priest with her younger sister and mother. After a little while, Hotokegozen came to the temple where Giou and her family live. Then Hotokegozen became a priest too. Because she felt bad about Giou.

At present, the main hall of Giou-Ji Temple has wooden statues of Giou, Gijo(Giou’s young sister), Toji(Giou’s mother), Hotokegozen.


②You can enjoy the scenery each season

Giou-ji Temple has many place of interest. In spring is cherry blossom, in summer is Aomomiji and moss, in Autumn is red leaves, in winter is snowscape. When I go into Giou-Ji temple, I feel comfortable and refusing. You will be able to forget your daily life when you enter Giou-Ji temple.

Sunlight shines on the moss when shining, when the light runs out, dense atmosphere. The garden is designed to go around in one way. It is a small temple that you can walk in 5 minutes if you walk normally, and you will see various expression.

Giou Ji Temple entrance fee

Entrance fee

Adult: 300yen

Child(Elementary school, Junior Hight school,Hight school) : 100yen

If you want to go to Daikaku-Ji Temple, you can get a combined ticket :600yen

Entrance time




Giou-Ji Temple with very beautiful moss. Also this temple shows vatious expressions depending on the scenery, I want to visit again and again.


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