Adashinonenbutsudera Temple(化野念仏寺)

There is an Okusagano field father away than Sagano over Togetsukyo Btridge in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The first Nenbutsu-ji Temple, about 3 kilometers from Arashiyama is “Adashinonenbutsudera Temple”.

①Landscape of Adashinonenbutsudera Temple

②History of Adashinonenbutudera Temple

③Great spot for autumn leaves

How to get to Adashinonenbutsudera Temple

When going to Adashinonenbutsudera Temple by train

JR Kyoto station ➡JR Enmachi station➡ 【Transfer】Kyoto city bus(No.204 or No.205)➡Kenkun Jinja-mae Bus stop➡About 5minutes on foot.

Total about 40 minuets / Cost 420yen (Child:210 yen)

No.204 : Kitaoji Bus Terminal

When going to Adashinonenbutsudera Temple by bus

①JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:C6) ➡ Saga Shakado-mae bus stop➡ about 16 minuets on foot.

・No.28:Daikakuji Temple Via Arashiyama.(Kyoto City bus)

Total about 60 minuets / Cost 230yen (Child:120 yen)

②JR Kyoto Station(Bus stop:C6) ➡ Take No.73 Kyoto bus ➡ Arashiyama Koen bus stop➡【Transfer】➡Take No.94 bus ➡ Toriimoto bus station➡about 1 minuets on foot.

・No.73:Arashiyama・Kokederasuzumushidera .(Kyoto bus)

・No.94:Kiyotakiy-uki(Kyoto bus)

Total about 60 minuets / Cost 460yen (Child:240 yen)


Things of the glamour of Adashinonenbutsudera Temple

①Landscape of Adashinonenbutudera Temple

“Adashi(化野)” means fleeting and empty. A Kanji letter of “化” means that “life” change to “death” and it is said that it represents the rebirth of this world and the desire to return to Gokuraku Jodo. This place of Adashino has been a funeral place since ancient time and people started to build stone buddhas from the time they became burials from cremation.


The road to the temple is called “Atagokodo” and it is scenic are with historic buildings. It will be illuminated with a lantern during the Sentou-kuyo season.

〜Chikurin komichi/ Bamboo forest road(竹林小径)〜

You can go to the bamboo forest from the side of main hall. Sagamino is very famous for bamboo forest, but this bamboo forest is very beautiful.

When I went in this bamboo forest, Sunlight can enter thorough a slight gap. It was so fantastic. I thought I would go on a time trip to distant era,like Edo era, Muromachi era.


〜Rokumentai Jizo(六面体地蔵)〜

There is a big Jizo which six-Jizo became a one. Each of six-face has meaning.



Kyoto in the Heian era has a very gorgeous impression, but it was only for some aristocrats, and the common people were always poor. Their life was a fight against hunger and at the time of famine, it was natural that the remains of people who fell to the roadside were rolling around.  As a result, epidemics were pervalent and the number of death increased.Therefore, there were three funeral ground in Kyoto.

In Heian era, Kukai(buddhist monk) visited to Kyoto,he saw many dead body. Then he buried and made 1,000 of stone Buddha statues for a neglected sprits.

In the Meiji period, with the cooperation of local people, these stone Buddha statues were improved and revived.

③Great spot for autumn leaves

Adashinonenbutsudera Temple is not well-known for autumn leaves. In the late autumn season, bright red leaves wrap up, creating a very beautiful sight. Compared to other spot in Arashiyama Sagano, it is a relatively popular sightseeing spot. You can see the autumn leaves leisurely.

My recommendation

〜Sento Kuyo(千灯供養)〜

In the Jizo-bon that a memorial festival to worship the neglected sprit is held “Sento Kuyo”. It is very popular in recent year, so when you try to go in there, you might need numbered ticket for admission. (Admission may be restricted during busy hours.) At 6:00pm, the monks march through the Saiin no Kawara while chanting.The monks continue to chanting the memorial service until the festival is over. The worshipers get candles and they put candles to the neglect sprits in the Saiin no Kawara. As time goes by, the number of candles will increase. It a fantastic atmosphere!! The time for Sento Kuyo, a light up event with countless lanterns will be held in Atago kodo.

Date of festival:23th , 24th August

5:30pm〜8:30pm (Start at 6:00pm )/ Entrance fee:1,000yen

Adashinonenbutudera Temple entrance fee

Entrance fee

500yen(Adult) / 400yen(Junior Hight school, hight school student) / Free(Under primary student)

Only season of Sento Kuyo is 1,000yen.

Entrance time


※It will be closed at 3:30pm in January, February, December.



When I see many stone buddha statutes and stone towers, I feel that the thought of many people who gathered stone Buddha statute who became neglect sprits.


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